If you have a complicated relationship with food, start with this question.

In the past 3 months, have you had any episodes of excessive overeating?

Doctor Discussion Guide for Binge Eating Disorder

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have B.E.D., or that Vyvanse is right for your specific situation. It means filling out the rest of the doctor discussion guide can help you and your doctor begin to understand how B.E.D. symptoms might be impacting your life. Only your doctor or other trained healthcare provider can diagnose B.E.D.

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Doctor Discussion Guide for Binge Eating Disorder

People with B.E.D. typically answer "yes" to this question. If you have questions or concerns about your relationship with food, or B.E.D., please talk with your doctor. In the meantime, you might find it helpful to connect with additional support.

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Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder in America

It's real

In fact, B.E.D. is the most common
eating disorder among US adults.*

*Based on a sample of 2,980 adults aged ≥18 years who were assessed for an eating disorder in a national survey.

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Adult searching medication options for moderate to severe Binge Eating Disorder

It’s treatable

Adults with moderate to severe
B.E.D. have potential options.

Learn about Vyvanse
Record your symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder to help your doctor understand your experience

It’s worth
the conversation

Use this guide to help your doctor
understand your experience.

Record symptoms
Adult with Binge Eating Disorder finding doctor who can diagnose and treat B.E.D.

Ryan, diagnosed with moderate B.E.D. and treated with Vyvanse

Need a doctor
you can talk to?

We might be able to help you find a doctor who is familiar with diagnosing and treating B.E.D.

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