Mark the symptoms that apply to you

The following list should take just a few minutes to complete. Mark any symptoms you’ve experienced regularly during the last 6 months in the settings below. If you notice it, check it.

Please note this discussion guide is not a diagnostic tool. Only a doctor or other healthcare professional can diagnose ADHD.

Symptoms of inattention


Careless mistakes/lack of attention to details

Do you overlook or miss details? Turn in inaccurate work?


Lack of sustained attention

Do you have difficulty staying focused during class, conversations, or lengthy readings?


Poor listening

Does your mind seem elsewhere, even when there isn't an obvious distraction?


Not following through on tasks

Do you start tasks but quickly lose focus? Get easily sidetracked?


Poor organization

Are you messy or disorganized? Do you have poor time management skills? Do you miss deadlines?


Avoids tasks requiring sustained mental effort

Do you avoid preparing reports, completing forms, or reviewing lengthy papers?


Losing things

Do things like your wallet, keys, paperwork, eyeglasses, or phone go missing?


Easily distracted by extraneous stimuli or unrelated thoughts

Does your mind wander a lot?


Forgetful in daily activities

Do you forget to return calls, pay bills, or keep appointments?



Do you tap your hands, feet, or squirm in your seat?


Can't stay seated

Even when you're expected to?


Feeling restless

Do you often feel restless?


Difficulty with quiet activities

Like sitting through presentations or movies?


"On the go"

Uncomfortable being still for extended periods of time?


Talking excessively

Ignoring or missing social cues in the process?


Interrupting others

Do you cut others off, in traffic or conversation?


Difficulty awaiting turn

Do you have trouble waiting in line?


Interrupts or intrudes on others

Do you butt into conversations or activities?

You're done!

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