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By prescription only.

Vyvanse is the #1 Prescribed Branded ADHD Medication

Redefine Your ADHD

ADHD shouldn’t define you. Learn more about treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with Vyvanse. It all starts by having a conversation with your doctor and exploring this site.

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V is for Vyvanse

Proven to help control
ADHD in adults

*Vyvanse has been approved to treat ADHD in adults since 2008.

Do you recognize
the symptoms of ADHD?

Learn about the core symptoms of ADHD: Inattention, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity. If these sound familiar, consider talking to your doctor. Remember, only a doctor or other healthcare provider can diagnose ADHD.

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A is for improved ADHD symptoms

Vyvanse was shown to improve attention and reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity in adults with ADHD.

Vyvanse® physical and digital savings/copay card

Savings that
go with you

Saving on your prescription has never been more convenient. Download a Vyvanse savings card to your mobile wallet on your smartphone for easy access, anywhere.

See details. Restrictions may apply.

Kabara, an adult patient diagnosed with moderate B.E.D.

Before I was diagnosed, I didn't even know that B.E.D. existed.”

Vyvanse is the first treatment for moderate to severe Binge EatingDisorder (B.E.D.) in adults.

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